My textbook, Health Economics, was published in 2013. You can learn more about the book and request an inspection copy at Bloomsbury Publishing

Praise for Health Economics

"A very thorough introduction to health economics combining the important theoretical literature from economics, including neighboring fields, with an account of the actual systems which allocate medical care in its various dimensions.” Kenneth J. Arrow, Stanford Health Policy Fellow, USA, and Nobel Prize-winning economist


"With a readable, breezy style and a deft touch at explaining sophisticated concepts, Health Economics approaches health and health care from a uniquely modern and engaging economic perspective.  This book should have very broad appeal." Alan Garber, Provost of Harvard University, USA


“This comprehensive and up-to-the-minute book offers an engaging introduction to the complex subject of health economics, covering every aspect of the market.  I look forward to using this book in the classroom.” Janet M. Currie, Princeton University, USA


“An exceptionally rich and comprehensive undergraduate textbook that covers the traditional building blocks of health economics and addresses pertinent policy questions. This book is a must for health economics courses throughout the world.”  Maarten Lindeboom, VU University, the Netherlands